These crapes are generally three feet tall or smaller.

Miniature Crape Myrtle Tree

Miniature Crape Myrtle Tree


Dwarf crape myrtles are usually ten feet tall down!2Sioux_Crape_Myrtle_Lee_Ann_Torrans_Dallas_Gardening-5


These crape run ten to twenty feet tall!Standard_2Crape_Myrtle_Lee_Ann_Torrans_Dallas_Gardening


These are the familiar crapes ranging twenty feet and taller!standard-size-crape-myrtle

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Crape Myrtle Inventory

March 2015 Availability 

Crapes are dormant now. It’s great time to plant as roots will continue to establish in the warmer ground and take off this Spring.

Crape Myrtle Name Bloom Color Mature Height
Tuscarora Coral Pink 25 feet or more
Natchez White 25 feet or more
Muskogee Lavender 25 feet or more
Arapaho Red 20 feet
Catawba Purple 10-15 feet
Dynamite  Blood Red 15-20 feet
Burgundy Cotton (out of stock) White 10-15 feet
William Toovey Deep Pink 10-15
Tonto Red 5-10 feet
Ebony Flame  Red (Black leaves) 5-10 feet
Acoma (out of stock) White 8-10 feet
Dwarf Hope White 3-5 feet
Dwarf Victor Deep Red 4-6 feet
Dwarf Pokomoke  Rosy Pink 3 feet (weeping)
Dwarf Centennial  Purple 4-6 feet
Baton Rouge (Available May 2015) Pink 2-3 Feet
Delta Blush (Available May 2015)  Peach/Pink 2-3 feet
Pixie White (Available May 2015)  White 2-3 feet
Houston (Available May 2015)  Watermelon Red 2-3 feet
Sacramento (Available May 2015)  Deep Red 2-3 feet


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