My Guarantee & Refund Policy

Your plants are guaranteed to arrive in good and healthy condition. If that is not the case, within 48 hours of arrival, please take a photo that clearly displays the problem. Then email the photo to me.  I will refund your money if your plant is in poor condition.

Please note that I trim to encourage new growth. I may also trim them slightly so they fit correctly in the container. This trimming is beneficial and in no way lessens the condition of the plant.  During the winter most of them will be in their dormant phase without leaves.

I do my best to make sure you receive a healthy plant or tree that is ready to be planted in the ground.  But I cannot control all the factors after it arrives like human damage, hungry animals, extreme weather, over/under watering, poor soil conditions, etc.

Any damaged brown or yellow leaves from shipping is cosmetic and will not affect the health of the plants. Plants bounce right back after being heavily watered and planted.

If your plant dies within 45 days of receiving your order, we can offer you 50% store credit on the price of the plant itself.

If your plant is dormant at the time of delivery, we will replace this item if it does not emerge from dormancy by June 1st.  Plants must have been planted to receive a replacement.  Please submit a photo to us in order to receive a replacement.


We have included detailed instructions on how to care for your tree. If followed, I am confident your plants will grow well and you will have a lifetime of enjoyment together.

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