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The Crape Myrtle Guy.

Crape Myrtles at $6.00 Each in Waxahachie, Texas

Natty’s Favorite

Clint Cotten Guarantee

I guarantee every crape myrtle and customer satisfaction.  I am a football coach and teacher in Waxahachie, Texas.  If I am not teaching or coaching I will get right back to you!

With some online companies you cannot find the owner’s name or email.  Call me, and see how fast I get back to you.  I stand by my crape myrtles and I am available by phone, text or email.  I will ship your crapes or let’s arrange a convenient time for you to pick them up at my home in Waxahachie, Texas.

I have the largest online selection of crape myrtles available.  It has never been easier or less expensive to obtain the number one blooming tree in the country, the Crape Myrtle.

Save a lot and rely on my tried and true shipping method for your crapes to arrive safe and ready to plant.  I NEVER send bare rooted crapes.  They come in quart containers, expertly packed and ready to plant. Enjoy quality crape myrtles shipped to your door or pick them up in Waxahachie!

2017 Season

Back by popular demand… elephant ears and caladiums.  I also have a few of the hardy Texas Star Hibiscus ready in red and white.

Looking for a particular plant or larger crape myrtle tree?  I can find it.  Give me a call, text or shoot me an email.

Choose Your Crapes

Select height, color and shape first.  My crapes are grown in quart containers and are about 1-2 feet tall.  Miniatures are smaller, of course.

The average crape myrtle grows an average of 3-5 feet a year.  I know of no other plant that blooms as long as the crape myrtle.  You’ll love them!!!!   They are heat loving plants though they do well in northern climates.  If they freeze back they typically come back from their strong root system.

Consider your location before you select and plant your crape myrtle.  Be sure to plant them where they will be in full sun now and in a few years as well.

Place Your Order

If you need them shipped, place your order online below.  The minimum order is four trees.  I can ship in multiples of 4, 6, 9, 12, and 16.  The trees fit perfectly in these boxes and it keeps them much more secure.

If you are local,  just shoot me an email, call, or text me.  We’ll arrange a convenient time for you to pick up your trees at the house.

Clint Cotten
The Crape Myrtle Guy
3121 Clover Lane
Waxahachie, Texas 75165
Phone or Text: (972) 935-2968

Shipping or Pick Up

Orders are shipped via UPS and USPS.  Crape Myrtles are shipped in their original pots and secured in their shipping boxes.  Most of the time your trees are shipped the day ordered.

If you are local or driving through town, we’ll arrange a convenient to pickup.  Payment can be made when you pickup your order. There is a map at the bottom of this page.  I am just south of Dallas, in Waxahachie, Texas.

Read more about my shipping process here:  Crape Myrtle Guy Shipping

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The Crape Myrtle Guy

I am Clint Cotten, the Crape Myrtle Guy.  I am a teacher and a coach and grow crape myrtles at my home.  You can pick them up here and save shipping costs.  I guarantee my product.  Have you noticed some growers who ship online do not provide their name or address.  I provide both and my personal guarantee for your satisfaction.

Call me or shoot me a text and I will get back to you.  Because I teach during school hours there may be a lag.  During the summer and holidays you can expect a quick response.  Try my crapes and my personal Clint Cotten guarantee.

Pick up your crapes at 3121 Clover Lane Waxahachie, Texas 75165.

Call me or text me at:  (972) 935-2968

Large Crape Myrtles

Depending on where you are located most large crape myrtles will exceed thirty feet in height!  I carry all the popular large crape myrtles.

Arapaho – Magenta Red Often reaches thirty feet. Is a beautiful magenta red.

Natchez – White Reaches slightly above twenty feet in North Texas.

Sarah’s Favorite – White (Out of Stock) Reaches above twenty feet in North Texas.

Tuscarora – Coral Reaches thirty feet in North Texas.

Basham’s Party Pink – Light lavender pink Reaches thirty feet in North Texas.

Twilight – Purple Reaches above thirty feet in North Texas.

Muskogee – Lavender Reaches above twenty feet in North Texas.


Tuscarora Crape Myrtle


Twilight Crape Myrtle


Arapaho Crape Myrtle


Muskogee Crape Myrtle


Natchez Crape Myrtle


Zuni Crape Myrtle

Reaches Ten Feet


Catawba Crape Myrtle


Medium Crape Myrtles

These crape myrtles reach ten to twenty feet in height.

Centennial Spirit – Deep genuine red.

Dynamite – Bright red.

Sioux – Bubble Gum Pink reaching 15 to 18 feet.

William Toovey – Dark Pink.

Catawba – Purple. Light purple with large globular panicles.

Queen’s Lace – White and Pink. Ruffled two colored panicles.

centennial spirit

Young Centennial Spirit Crape Myrtle


Dynamite Crape Myrtle


Queens Lace

Dwarf Crape Myrtles

These crape myrtles reach ten feet in height.

Tonto – Red / Magenta. Open shape.

Okmulgee – Bright deep red.

Acoma – White Weeping small tree.

Hopi – Bubble gum pink shrub.

Zuni – Purple small spreading tree.

centennial spirit

Young Hopi Crape Myrtle


Acoma Crape Myrtle


Zuni Crape Myrtle


Tonto Crape Myrtle


Okmulgee Crape Myrtle

Texas Superstar®

I am now carrying TWO Texas A&M Superstars® and the good news is they bloom at the same time and complement one another.

What’s a Texas Superstar® ?  

Texas Superstars are vetted for Texas consumers. The decision as to which plants are highlighted in Texas Superstar® marketing campaigns is made by the Texas Superstar® Executive Board.  The Executive Board’s decision as to which plants should be highlighted is primarily based upon observations made at replicated plots and demonstration trials across the state. In some cases, recommendations made by university horticulturists in other southern states are also considered. Because ornamental plant performance can be rather subjective, the board gathers as much input as possible from competent horticulturists who understand the importance of both landscape performance and marketability. Another important factor considered when selecting plants for educational and marketing campaigns is whether sufficient numbers of plants can be produced to meet the increased consumer demand generated by Texas Superstar® efforts.

Texas Superstar®: Basham’s Party Pink 30 Feet Plus Pale Pink Crape Myrtle

The large crape myrtle, Basham’s Party Pink, is a pale pink with a hint of lavender in the undertones.  This crape myrtle will exceed thirty feet in height.  It is an upright crape myrtle with a brown, gray bark.

Texas Superstar®:  Texas Purple Vitex Tree

This purple blooming tree can be used as a shrub or a tree, your choice!  Well, that is unless the freeze gets it.  Then it will most likely grow back from its roots.  The purple Texas Vitex gets more popular each year.

Basham Party Pink and Texas Vitex both Texas Superstars blooming at the same time.

Texas Superstar Purple Vitex.

Crape Myrtle Guy Shipping

Generally I ship the same day your order is received.  My tried and true method is the reason crape  myrtle orders are taken in a specific number of plants.  This works!  Crape love the heat and that’s a huge plus when shipping.  Check out how your plants will be prepared for shipping and the sturdiness of my boxes.  Call me if there’s a problem upon receipt.  I am here and stand by my Clint Cotten Crape Myrtle Guy Guarantee!

Read more about my shipping process here:  Crape Myrtle Guy Shipping

Crape Myrtle Guy Inventory

I am excited to grow each year.  Check out my inventory, my new greenhouse and my four legged buddy.  Trying to teach him how to grow crape myrtles but he keeps dozing off!

My elephant ears are happy, happy and a popular item, too.