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Hello! I’m the Crape Myrtle Guy! Clint Cotten.

I began my business with 100 crapes from Janice Myers for my personal use. The ones I did not need I decided to sell. I found some containers for growing crapes, potted them, and created an ad on Craigslist to sell the crapes. I sold out the first weekend!!

High School Teacher and Former Football Coach: My ‘real job’ is teaching high school math, business, and accounting. I was a football coach for almost 20 years and was lucky enough to coach several elite NFL players.  It was a fun ride…

I have a master’s degree in personal finance and a help families save, plan, and invest through my other website, Game Plan Insurance.

I love working in the yard, teaching, coaching, fishing, and crape myrtle trees!

My Gurus:

Janice Myers: I contacted Janice again… and again..and again. After a few purchases Janice helped me get started on my own. She has been a huge help to me and I really owe her big time for getting me started. She pretty much showed me… well, she emailed me everything I needed to grow and sell my own crapes. I then started adding more varieties and learned to propagate my own. Read my page on crape propagation!

Lee Ann Torrans at http://leeanntorrans.com provides all my images. We work closely together to be certain that the Crape Myrtle colors are just right so you will know exactly what you are ordering. I highly recommend her site and her images.

Neil Sperry: I rely on Neil Sperry’s size and attributions to describe my crapes and the zones in which they will grow. Here in Texas, he’s the Master Tree Guy! I recommend his Crape Myrtle Poster as the ultimate authority![/fusion_text][separator style_type=”double” top_margin=”25″ bottom_margin=”25″ sep_color=”” border_size=”” icon=”” icon_circle=”” icon_circle_color=”” width=”” alignment=”” class=”” id=””][fusion_text]

Shipping your Crape Myrtles!

I have selected the shipping number based on my tried and true method of what works!  Here is my shipping operation in action.


Crape Myrtle Tree Shipping

Crape Myrtle Tree Shipping


Clint Cotten Guarantee

Have you noticed that with some online growers you cannot find their address and with some you cannot even find their name?

If you check a little further you find complaints abound.

I provide my name, my personal address and you can always find me.

I am one text message away, and if I’m not in class teaching, I am a phone call away!

I provide my personal guarantee on every crape I sell, whether you pick it up at my home or have me ship them to you.

I am Clint Cotton, the Crape Myrtle Guy and some day I intend to be the Crape Myrtle King.

I cannot get there without happy Crape Myrtle owners!

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I recommend Crape Myrtle Gardening for crape myrtle landscaping and care.


Amazon $9.99

Summer color with minimum investment. What works with crape myrtles!

Landscaping and Gardening with Crape Myrtles

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