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Clint Cotten

Hello! I’m the Crape Myrtle Guy! Clint Cotten.

I began my business with 100 crapes from Janice Myers for my personal use. The ones I did not need I decided to sell. I found some containers for growing crapes, potted them, and created an ad on Craigslist to sell the crapes. I sold out the first weekend!!

Math Teacher and Coach: My ‘real job’ is teaching high school math and trying to win football games.

I have a master’s degree in personal finance and a help families save, plan, and invest through my other website, Game Plan Insurance.

I love working in the yard, teaching, coaching, fishing, and crape myrtle trees!

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My Gurus:

Janice Myers: I contacted Janice again… and again..and again. After a few purchases Janice helped me get started on my own. She has been a huge help to me and I really owe her big time for getting me started. She pretty much showed me… well, she emailed me everything I needed to grow and sell my own crapes. I then started adding more varieties and learned to propagate my own. Read my page on crape propagation!

Lee Ann Torrans at http://leeanntorrans.com provides all my images. We work closely together to be certain that the Crape Myrtle colors are just right so you will know exactly what you are ordering. I highly recommend her site and her images.

Neil Sperry: I rely on Neil Sperry’s size and attributions to describe my crapes and the zones in which they will grow. Here in Texas, he’s the Master Tree Guy! I recommend his Crape Myrtle Poster as the ultimate authority!

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Clint Cotten Guarantee


Have you noticed that with some online growers you cannot find their address and with some you cannot even find their name?

If you check a little further you find complaints abound.

I provide my name, my personal address and you can always find me.

I am one text message away, and if I’m not in class teaching, I am a phone call away!

I provide my personal guarantee on every crape I sell, whether you pick it up at my home or have me ship them to you.

I am Clint Cotton, the Crape Myrtle Guy and some day I intend to be the Crape Myrtle King.

I cannot get there without happy Crape Myrtle owners!

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