Crape Myrtle Blooms

Are your crape myrtles not blooming?

Here are some suggestions:

Crape myrtle trees love the sun and the heat.  If your crape myrtle receives too much shade it may not bloom at all.  Also the amount of sun could affect the color of your blooms.  I have noticed that Dynamite crape myrtle bloom in partial shade will be a lighter shade of red compared to the Dynamite that is receiving full sun each day.

If the tree is getting plenty of sunshine and isn’t an old tree in need of pruning, it could be the soil. You might want to check the soil and see if it might not have enough phosphorus or too much nitrogen. Heavily fertilized garden beds and lawns may have too much nitrogen which promotes healthy leaves, but fall short in creating blooms for your crape myrtle. You might add a little bone meal around the tree which adds phosphorus over time to the soil.
Both of these situations can cause your crape myrtles to not have blooms.

So when you ask yourself, “How can I make my crape myrtle bloom,” you should know that checking all of the things mentioned here and taking care of any issues will help make your crape myrtle bloom time better than you ever anticipated.

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