Here is an article I recieved in my inbox from Folly Foster News:

By John V. Foster


natchezcrapemyrtle[1]Need a crepe myrtle that is large, beautifully vase shaped, with cinnamon colored bard and a ton of white flowers? Then Natchez is the Crepe Myrtle of choice for you.

Like a lot of crepe myrtles developed by the National Arboretum, Natchez is a hybrid between Lagerstoemia indica and Lagerstroemia faurei. It was developed in the 1970′s and released to the nursery trade several years later.

A line of Natchez lining a driveway in full sunlight is a wonderful entrance to any home, but also, Natchez is a great single tree in the front yard as it makes a clear statement and adds to the home landscape.

Another nice characteristic of Natchez is that you can grow small, decorative plants at its base as Natchez tends to ‘life its skirts’ and provides adequate Sun for small annuals or perennials around it.


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